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Isotope proudly work with…

LTF - education recruitment agency
Education. Nottinghamshire-based. Asset value. Since the inception of this agency, the objective was clear - develop a tangible asset that would provide the superstar entrepreneur with a business that not only provided a healthy dividend stream but also a tangible asset, full of exceptional recruitment professionals across the education market. It's safe to say, they're well on their way to achieving this objective.
Commercial. North-West. Experienced & capable. This exceptional recruiter has been professionally "ready" to start their own agency for years &, as is often is the case, it was just a matter of ensuring that it felt like the right time for them & their family before finally committing to 'making the leap'. & what a pleasure it is to be part of this business, we have no doubt that they will achieve the ambitious goals they have for them (& their growing startup) over the years to come & we're so pleased to be part of that journey.
Construction. East Sussex. Seasoned Business Owner. Running their own recruitment agency was second nature to them; it was something they had always thought about &, as a business, we'd been very fortunate to get to know the owner of this business many many years prior to finally working together. Fast forward to the here & now, & it's no surprise that the business has gone from strength to strength over the years & we can't wait to get started in supporting them in this next chapter of their business journey.
Information Technology. Bristol-based. Diligent & methodical. After 10+ years of working & progressing through the ranks with their sole employer, it was no surprise that they then started to explore the idea of starting their own agency. They saw it as a natural progression; nothing against their current employer (they were great!), it was more the lure of the freedom, pride & autonomy that growing their own agency would give them was simply too strong. Quite right!
Commercial & Engineering. Warwickshire-based. Resilient & persistent. This exceptional recruiter could have started their own agency countless times over the years; due to their wealth of experience in single-handedly opening offices, building teams & managing branches for others over the years, it was never a question of 'if' but more 'when' they would decide that starting their own agency was the right thing for them. 2022 was that year & we're so happy to be part of their journey.
Accountancy & Finance. Home Counties. Growth-driven & focussed. This recruiters startup journey started many (many) years ago, having first started toying with the idea of making the leap just months into their recruitment career. From humble beginnings, to where we are now - 5 years on & the business is continuing to grow with consultants continually joining the team. & we couldn't be prouder to be part of their exciting journey.
Construction. Wiltshire-based. Seasoned Recruiter. After 30+ years across the civils, construction & residential recruitment space, it came as no surprise that it felt like the right time for this seasoned & experienced recruiter to 'make the leap' & start their own agency. Having built desks, teams & businesses for other people over the last 3 decades, it was about time they took the bull by the horns & built something for themselves. & quite right too!
Recruitment startup support
Education. Birmingham-based. Ambitious & focussed. From the moment we first spoke to this education recruiter, it was clear that they were going to start their own agency - there was no denying that. After 5+ years working for a handful of agencies, from large corporates to smaller boutiques, they felt professionally & personally ready to make the leap. & we are so proud to be a part of their journey.
Recruitment startup support logo - new recruitment business
Financial Services. Birmingham-based. Diligent & Experienced. After 16+ years working for one of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK & successful progressing throughout “the ranks”, it was no surprise that the next step in this ambitious recruiters plans was to start their own agency. Driven by a diligent & methodical head, we have nothing but admiration for their entrepreneur & feel very lucky to be supporting them in their journey.
New Recruitment Startup Client - perm' recruitment business
Engineering. South Coast. Exceptional Entrepreneur. After joining their previous employer over 8 years ago, they’ve built teams, desks & divisions under the banner of ‘someone else’. & as a result, have always known that ‘one day’ they would start their own recruitment agency. So, after years of toying with the idea, they finally decided to make the leap & haven’t looked back since.
Medical Devices Recruitment Startup
Medical Devices. Yorkshire-based. International reach. After just over 5 years working across the healthcare industry it was always a matter of "when", as opposed to "if", this focussed, diligent & ambitious recruiter would make the leap & start their own agency. & so, with growth at the forefront of this recruiters mind, we're both exceptionally proud & excited to be a part of their journey. Onwards & Upwards!
Construction recruitment startup
Construction. Hertfordshire-based. Constant growth. The idea of starting & running their own recruitment agency was always in the forefront of this ambitious & focussed recruiter’s mind. After 6+ years honing their craft across the construction space, the time felt right to ‘make the leap’ & start their own agency. We feel both excited & proud to be part of this agencies journey – a journey that will be full of growth, fun & success. We just know it!
Recruitment STart up - Technical Prospects
Manufacturing & Technology. Yorkshire-based. Seasoned Entrepreneur. Longevity in business is tough to come by & tricky to maintain but for this seasoned recruiter who, to date ran their own agency for 8+ years, they've well & truly mastered it. With growth on their horizon & having just moved into their brand new offices, we're so excited to be working together to help them on this next phase of their journey.
Recruitment Startup Business - Oak Recruitment
Generalist. Midlands-based. Experience led. After 14 years of working for a large & well-known corporate agency & progressing strongly through the 'ranks', it was no surprise that this recruiter decided to make the leap & start their own agency. With a desire to grow, scale & build an agency they could call their own, with the freedom & autonomy to do it in the way they believe is right - we have no doubt that this recruiter will build the business they desire.
OxCare Recruitment Startup
Healthcare. Berkshire-based. Empathy centric. For this recruiter, they were pulled to start their own agency because of the pride, autonomy & freedom they knew it would give them. From the moment we spoke to this superstar recruiter, we knew that they were fixated on the idea of starting their own agency. Talented, tenacious & terrific. & we're so excited to provide this recruiter with the Tools, Talent & Time they need to succeed.
New Recruitment start-up logo - Redrame
Construction. Cornwall-based. Growth driven. Since launching in 2016, this superstar recruiter has created a business that gives him the freedom, flexibility, autonomy & financial reward that pulled him to start his own agency in the first place. Recently celebrating 4 years in business, he has his eyes well & truly set on growth, building on the foundations he has worked so hard on establishing. & we're so happy to be a part of his journey.
New Recruitment start-up logo - Nat20
Automotive. Leeds-based. Specialist driven. It often takes years between thinking about the idea of starting your own agency & 'taking the leap' into your own business. & so, after getting to know this recruiter over the years & understanding what effective recruitment support looks like to them - we are incredibly confident (& honoured) to provide them with the support they require.
New Recruitment Start-up business, BRG
Engineering. West Midlands. A seasoned professional. Having built a hugely successful desk, division & business for their previous employer over 8+ years, it was no surprise that the challenge & excitement of being able to build a business for themselves was too attractive to turn down. We're so lucky to work with this recruiter & help them grow a business they can be proud of, with their name (& their name only) above the door!
ORS - Recruitment start-up support company
Generalist. International-based. Impeccable reputation. Running your own recruitment agency is a challenge, it would be both naïve & disingenuous to suggest anything otherwise. So when we say that this superstar recruiter has been successfully running her own agency for 10 years +, we’re incredibly proud to be a part of her journey. Want to know what real business success looks like? ORS is your case study!
Impactive - Recruitment start-up support company
Information Technology. Yorkshire-based. Innovation driven. There are so many things that motivated this recruiter to start their own agency, from the financial freedom to the autonomy & control associated with running their own agency. The biggest motivator for them however was the pride associated with being able to build a business that would create a genuine impact in the world of IT. & therefore Impactive IT was born.
Recruit Agri' - Recruitment start-up support company
Agriculture. Norfolk-based. Family driven. We know that for this recruiter, starting their own recruitment agency has been a career ambition since they first started in the industry. They're focussed on providing an effective & considered recruitment solution into a sector that they know very well. Motivated by their desire to build a business they can be proud of & for a family, they do everything for. We get it, admire it & feel so lucky to be a part of it!
Thomas Lee - Recruitment start-up support company
Engineering. West Midlands-based. Passionate & Professional. For this recruiter, the idea of starting their own recruitment agency was years in the making. They had the passion, the professionalism & the knowledge of their market to "do it" & therefore it was just a case of making sure the timing was right. & when it was, it was full steam ahead!
Aspire Evolve - Recruitment start-up support company
Construction. Devonshire-based. Confident & Hungry. Since our first interaction with this recruiter, it was clear that they were going to make a success of their own recruitment agency. With the drive & relentless nature this entrepreneur excuses, coupled with the focussed, diligent & comprehensive support of Isotope, we are so excited to see this business develop & grow over the years to come.
TRF - Recruitment start-up support company
Industrial. Manchester-based. Expert Entrepreneurs. Two dynamic & compassionate recruitment entrepreneurs that the team at Isotope have known for many many years. With a team of superstar recruiters around them, all sharing the same values & passion for the market they specialise in - we know how fortunate we are to be part of their journey. We’re with you every step of the way!
ITSM - Recruitment start-up support company
Information Technology. Sussex-based. Market experts. Sometimes you just know. You just know that, in talking to a recruiter, they were destined to start & build their own recruitment agency. So, with a wealth of experience & a genuine passion for the ITSM market, the objective is clear; to build, grow & create a business that will bring genuine value to the market.
Pearson Beck - Recruitment start-up support company
Generalist. Cheshire-based. All-round superstar. From the first conversation with this experienced & passionate recruiter, their purpose & focus was clear – to be a quality, personable & reliable recruitment partner to their loyal candidates & clients. It’s safe to say, they are well & truly “doing it” for all the right reasons!
JR vets - Recruitment start-up support company
Veterinary. Devonshire-based. Family focussed. It's very hard to describe this recruiter as anything other than exceptionally passionate about the industry they are in & faultlessly professional in the service they provide. So after nearly 7 years working for one agency, it was no surprise that Business Ownership was next. This really is a business we are proud to support.
Walker ITR - Recruitment start-up support company
Information Technology. Scotland-based. Techie-talent. A diligent & capable recruiter, with a genuine & deep-set interest in all things tech' & exposure to both "in-house" & "agency" international recruitment spanning over a decade. The only next step was to start their own agency. & we're so proud to be part of their journey.
Satarah - Recruitment start-up support company
Commercial. Northamptonshire-based. Seasoned Entrepreneurs. Building a business is tough & these Entrepreneurs know that first hand. Oozing experience & focus, we feel both privileged & proud to be part of these Entrepreneurs continued journey. Onwards & Upwards!
LT Support - Recruitment start-up support company
Education. Essex-based. Empathy-driven. Having worked within the education sector for the last 10 years, for this recruiter starting thier own agency felt like the natural next step. & with over a decade of success behind them, they're building a business focussed upon professionalism, experience & empathy.
Healthcare. Scotland-based. Compassion-driven. From the outset, it was clear that this was an idea that this focussed recruiter had been thinking about for years. Increased experience & professional progression meant that the timing felt right & the leap was made. & what a leap it has been!
crs logo for use
Construction. Midlands-based. Experience-led. Having worked for a large agency where they were tasked with building out a team & division, the next natural step was to start their own agency. Fast-forward to "now" & they haven't looked back!
Information Technology. Essex-based. Ambition led. “Success” in business can be defined in so many different ways & for this ambitious recruiter, there did not need to be just “one” definition. Flexibility, autonomy, financial freedom – you name it, they’ve earnt it.
Veterinary. Devonshire-based. Immensely Experienced. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge coupled with a consistent desire & passion to grow, this recruiter & their fantastic team have been achieving success in the veterinary space since 2016.
Construction. Lincolnshire-based. Family first. A business needs to work for you as much as you work for that business & for this caring & passionate recruiter, creating an agency that worked around their multitude of commitments was paramount to its success.
henderson bond
Business Improvement. Hertfordshire-based. A real expert. Since their inception back in 2018, it’s been highly enjoyable to support & work with a recruiter with such genuine passion for their industry. It goes to show, if you love what you do – you’ll always find success!
Construction. Wiltshire-based. International Ambition. When this recruiter started their own agency, their ambitions were very clear. To grow, to scale & to build an asset. & to that we say, let’s get going!
hamlyn jones
Property. Manchester-based. Unrivalled professional. Not focussed on building “just another agency”, this experienced recruiter started their own agency with the clear commitment to work with the candidates & clients they wanted to work with, in the way they knew was right.
Automotive. Merseyside-based. Independent superstar. It was always apparent that this Recruiter knew what he wanted to achieve in his own agency. With that clear ambition it’s no surprise this business is “driving” in the right direction.
Construction. Newcastle-based. Vision driven. With a clear passion for what they do, it’s no surprise the successes this Recruiter & his team have enjoyed since their inception back in 2018. They really do live & breathe what they do!

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