Anthony Joshua. Serena Williams. Cristiano Ronaldo. David Beckham. Alex Morgan. Tiger Woods. Sometimes you’re just that good...

All with a unique & particular set of skills that sets them apart from the rest & yet all with the same unwavering motivation – to be the best they can be.

Look, while our clients have a slightly stronger ‘interview to placement’ ratio than right hand jab, topspin forehand or “out of the bunker” iron shot, they do share some similarities with these sporting stars. What we’ve learnt is that each & every one of our clients, in some guise or another, strives to be the best they can. They are proud, unrelenting & in some cases, ferocious. They are conscientious, considerate & methodical. They are passionate, tenacious & persistent. These are our clients & what we hope is that, through giving you the opportunity to understand more about our clients, you start to see similarities in yourself & the ambitions in your new recruitment business.

Having supported clients from countless recruitment sectors & with contrasting experience levels over the years, Isotope can say with some authority that each fantastic client we support is very different, in fact unique! So, as you read through our website & hopefully understand more about how we work here at Isotope, we hope you can appreciate that we are incredibly excited & honoured to be able to work with such a diverse, varied & different group of recruitment entrepreneurs. & while there are certainly some evident differences in our ventures, what always seems to be very consistent is the motivations which drive them. Yes, everyone is motivated by slightly different things & yes, no two people are the same but – as a result of doing this for many years – it is clear that there are 4 key motivators for all our clients.

I guess I’m asking to look at them, understand them & ask yourself; what are my drivers that are pulling me to start my own recruitment business?

If you were to take just half of your yearly billings as an employed consultant & generate them in your own business, the cold hard maths would show that you would still take-home more money as your own boss. It’s stark realities like that that drive the majority of the recruiters that Isotope support to start their own agencies.

Bill less, earn more. Bill the same, earn more. Bill more, well you get the picture. But it’s not just the money; many of our clients are motivated by the prospect of what “more money” can give them, their friends, their family. It might be the pension pot they were always striving for, the school fees for the kids or the down payment on “that” house.

After all, running a business can be a lifestyle change & wouldn’t it be great to have the financial freedom to give you that?

Every Isotope client is proud to run their own business & they are all motivated by the feelings it gives them. Whether that be the internal pride of achieving what they set out to, the outward recognition from friends & family, or “proudly” displaying their success to the naysayers that always thought they couldn’t do it – whatever reason, recruiters rightfully strive for feeling proud of what they have accomplished.

Acknowledge what drives you, embrace it & enjoy it.

Sometimes you just want to do things your way. The irony is that when the majority of our clients were employed by someone else, they had the autonomy they desired at that time. Recruitment is an autonomous role after all, you’re given command & control over your desk, your area & your clients - & yet you say you want more?! Well… yes.

Entrepreneurial recruiters can’t win; you are either too restricted in your current role & not being given the autonomy you desire or given all the autonomy you desire which leads you to think about running your own business. The end result is always the same; a bunch of motivated Isotope clients driven by the prospect of 100% autonomy & control over the candidates they represent, the clients they work with & the direction for their business.

Your business is a vehicle. A vehicle to get you from where you are now to where you want to be & if you use that as an analogy, then it’s very easy to see why so many of our clients choose to start their own recruitment agencies. You’d be hard pushed to find any of our client who are not driven by the prospect of achieving the work/life integration they want.

The reason we say integration is that, we feel it shouldn’t be an either/or. You should be able to run a recruitment business that works around your other (very real) commitments. Taking your kids to school, watching their nativity, spending time with loved ones, going on those prolonged city breaks & being there as those around you grow up – these are non-negotiables. Your business shouldn’t inhibit these, it should fuel them.

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