Maths tuition in primary school. Decorating advice from your Father-in-law. Style hints from shopping assistants. Training programmes from the 16 stone, middle aged PT at your local gym.

Some advice & help, you just don’t want & it’s exactly the same with “recruitment business support” – it ain’t help if it doesn’t help!

At Isotope we take time to try to understand what help you actually want & what support might actually be useful to you in your new business. Our job is to talk, listen & understand what is important to you & reflect that in the relationship we nurture – not just upload everything we know & expect you to conform to our idea of a “successful business”. Life just doesn’t work that way.

From the minute that we all meet, you can expect respect, honestly & integrity. We are confident that you will “feel” our sincerity & genuine interest in your ambitions and in you as a person. The person with a real family, a real mortgage & a whole host of other (very real) commitments. (Consistent theme here, hey?)

Our job is to be “on” every time we communicate with you – to be really listening, to be really thinking and to be real. This journey won’t always be smooth, therefore if we disagree with you, it is our duty to say so – politely and with a clear explanation but to be 100% honest, not to roll along blissfully hoping that things will work out.

And of course, we want to help you start a recruitment business.

Realistically, we know that if we don’t help to the best of our ability, a recruitment business will not generate the revenue that they set out to; which in turn means that Isotope will not earn the revenue that they set out to (since we earn our revenue, when you do!). So, if we were to take all of the empathy, professional & moral responsibility out of the equation (however hard that is to do), of course we still really want to help. But in fact, we know that if we just ignore the economics and simply try to help, the money will take care of itself. This is no naïve or careless way of working either – it is our proven & deeply entrenched belief system.

In fact, it is “principle based” recruitment support & investment. Understand the recruiter first, be understood second. Give when it is easy to do so & give more when it is tough to give anything. Invest in the person & believe in the recruitment business. All simple stuff.

OK, so that all sounds great but in practice what help is available, you might ask? Well, the truth is that the help you need is available through Isotope if we work with you – we will not get into something, unless we are 100% sure that we know that we can contribute in a meaningful way for the recruiter & their business.

For you that might include regular face-to-face conversations or a quick chat over the phone every day or every week or a flurry of emails from time to time. It might mean financial support, accounting assistance, creative support. It might mean support on your marketing, a legal point of view on a tricky situation or support with a plethora of recruitment tools. Heck – it might just mean a chance to vent after a bad day or a chance to celebrate a success.

Whatever the concept of ‘help’ means to you, we will be working very hard to meet our obligation to create an opportunity to work together, to then commit to your business all the support it needs & to drive the business in the direction that suits you. Now, that is what we call ‘help’. & it always starts with the same question – how can Isotope help me start a recruitment business? & our answer; let us show you.

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