There are a multitude of dubious clichés about starting & running a business – but our particular favourite is the belief that...

“It’s just business. Nothing personal”. Which, as we are sure will come as no surprise to you, is something that Isotope simply can not accept. Business should be personal, heck – business is personal.

When we launched Isotope, we knew that modern day recruitment support & investment required ‘people’ to be at the very forefront of the offering. We felt that supplying recruiters with all the tools, foundations & infrastructure to physically ‘launch & support’ their business was important, but what would really add unsurpassable value to our ventures was the understanding & appreciation that we are a people focused business. That in order to successfully support aspiring Entrepreneurs in their own ventures, we must offer something slightly different, slightly more tailored & slightly more personal in the hope of being truly successful. A philosophy every member of the Isotope team shares & continues to embrace.

So, as we sit here & bash away to create the website that you read today, it’s with that very philosophy at the forefront of our thoughts when we say – please, don’t do it. Please do not contact Isotope about the idea of starting your own recruitment venture & please do not leave the ‘security’ of your employed role for the promise of a more fulfilled way of working. Of course, that is only true if you feel there is an element of you that is still unsure about the idea.

Look, while we value & appreciate you reading all about what Isotope has to offer, our fantastic clients & our history; we would hate for you to feel wrapped up in their entrepreneurial jargon & expectation & to make the wrong decision for you, your career & your family and start this business when you are not ready.

So, despite Isotope believing that if you have got to this section of the website (the middle earth equivalent of the Internet!)

you know what you want & you’re committed to the exciting prospect of starting your own business – perhaps Isotope can be with you as we ask you to review things just one more time?

Honestly though, Isotope have made a lot of mistakes over the years & in hindsight, some of our clients perhaps weren’t 100% ready to start their own businesses. Looking back it is fair to say that, in the spirit of mutual respect & supposed transparency, Isotope were once or twice, too quick to work with individuals who wanted everything done yesterday & seemed strangely rushed to hit the ground running, & who’s pressured, rushed & coercive nature we mistook for genuine enthusiasm.

We strongly recommend that you do not allow yourself to be rushed, pressured or obligated to another trying to rush your conversations, meetings & any Paperwork with Isotope. We hope that when you decide to start your own recruitment business, you look to Isotope for support & we also hope you will start your own recruitment business just once.So, why not take you time, dot the i’s & cross the t’s & ensure that NOW really is the right time.

Ready, steady, go?
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