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Bloc Recruitment was founded in the early stages of 2022 by Alix Trought who, after 8 years of experience, progression & continued development across elements of the IT market, felt that it was the right time for him to focus on developing his own agency within a market he knew so well. Alix spent 8 enjoyable years with his prior employer, progressing through the business & really horning the craft he now has. Even to his employer, it was clear that the “end goal” for Alix was always to develop his own agency & build his own culture within an agency he could call (without question) his own. This is his story.

Alix Trought

Client Name: Alix Trought

Company Name: Bloc Recruitment

Sector: Information Technology

Inception: 23 December 2021

Isotope Partnership: Traditional


Exceptional recruiters start & develop their own recruitment agencies for a multitude of reasons. All driven either by a desire to innovate (i.e create a recruitment agency that may not have been seen before) or to improve (i.e improve upon a model they are already very familiar with).

But it’s not often that you find a recruiter fixated on doing both through the development of their own agency – but, for Alix, this was exactly the objective. Alix had already been working for a company of which he had a lot of respect for – they had been a great business for him over the 8+ years he was working within the team. They gave him the training, the footing, the foundation to start thinking about what his own agency may look like in the years to come.

With time passing it was starting to feel like the right move for him. Professionally, a few record billing years passed, teams had been grown & client relationships had been solidified. Personally, milestones had been hit, a family had been born & those behind-closed-doors conversations around “could we really do this” had started to blossom.

But as a contract & permanent recruiter across the startup space, was it just as easy as “doing it”? How would we run contractors from Day 1? How would we pay our contractors? How would we develop a brand that looked reputable & worthy of engaging with startups across the IT space? What about the procurement tools, the tech, the infrastructure required around him?

Where do we start?

Questions that formed the basis of those very early stage conversations with the team here at Isotope, a team that were lucky enough to start talking to Alix about his gentle goals & ambitions for his own agency many (many) months prior to the launch of his new agency.

101 phone calls, a million and one conversations & meetings with the team solidified out collective belief that this was the right next step. We’d understood the business that Alix was hoping to create & the practical & pragmatic support required to help him achieve it; but we’d also understood the person behind the business, the reason for the business & the reasoning behind why this business was going to work. After a number of considered & thorough conversations, questions were answered & visions became clear – Bloc Recruitment was born.


The IT industry is a deep as it is wide & therefore to suggest there is a “one size fits all” method to supporting an agency within the market, would be a little short sighted. Here are just some of the areas of support Isotope are lucky enough to work within Bloc Recruitment across:

  • Isotope day-to-day accounting support
  • Access to up-to-date financial information tailored for this business
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping support & advice
  • From credit control & invoicing, to cash flow forecasts & growth budgeting
  • Access to funding & payroll provisions
  • Support around IDVT & contractor on-boarding processes
  • Full HR & employment support & advice
  • Access to holistic business support around the growth of this business
  • Access to Isotopes legal & compliance support
  • Up-to-date & compliant Terms of Business
  • Holistic, real-time, personal legal support for any query
  • Isotope creative & marketing support
  • Logo design & website creation & on-going development
  • Access to sector specific marketing collateral
  • Sector specific job board access
  • Access to recruitment tech
  • Strategic business growth planning
  • Membership to the IsoConnect platform (for like-minded ambitious recruitment entrepreneurs)

Bloc Recruitment Visual Identity:

Logo Concepts

Business Card


Compliment Slip

Email Signature

Social Media Banners

Homepage Design

Logo Animation


Here are just some of the landmarks Bloc Recruitment have enjoyed since opening their doors.

An Isotope Commentary:

“There was no doubt that, on paper, Alix ought to start his own recruitment agency. In fact, during our early stage conversations I was surprised to hear that he hadn’t really thought that much about the idea prior to when we first spoke. His passion for his market, his professional take on what recruitment within the market ought to look like & his gentle visions for what his own agency would look like & the service that would provide were so clear that it begged the question – why are you only thinking about this now?!”

Max - Our recruitment startup support team

Max Jones - Director - Isotope Capital


Google Review:

The team over at Isotope have been really supportive from the start. Considering me and Max were in contact a year before I actually decided to make the move, I always felt comfortable with the pace we were moving at and the information provided.

Having a team who can give you you the tools and peace of mind to run your business has been fantastic. Having George to explain everything financial and in regards to the back office is a great help and Alan is amazing in helping to bring your ideas to life with his graphic designs, especially with the logos and website!

I would recommend Isotope as a partner for anyone considering launching their own agency.

Alix Trought
Alix Trought - Bloc Recruitment

Fun Fact:

First the worst, second the best… words you’d usually hear on a primary school playground from a disgruntled 6 year old after losing a game a playground bulldog, not within a launch meeting for a recruitment startup. But, in the case of choosing the recruitment business name of the (now) Bloc Recruitment, this was a phrase that came to mind. Who ever said picking a company name was easy?!…

Next Steps:

So there are a few things you might feel like doing right now. You might feel like re-reading the above? Perhaps you can resonate with this particular recruiter, perhaps they’re working in a comparable market to you & you’d like to re-read both their history & some of the support that has been important to them since their inception. Alternatively you might feel like reading another case study from the collection? Perhaps you’re interested in hearing other stories, other insights into what pulls recruiters to start their own agencies & compare that with your own thoughts & feelings around the topic. Or perhaps you just feel ready to make that first step for yourself? You’ve read a few of these case studies now & can see parts of “you” in every journey, you’ve looked at their history, you’ve reviewed what they had to say about Isotope & you might have even taken a sneak peak of them on LinkedIn. Whatever you feel like doing, what’s stopping you clicking that yellow button & exploring the idea a little further? 👇

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