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Construction Recruitment Specialists was founded by Rosie-mae O’Toole at the start of 2020. After 8+ years working across the construction market, across a smorgasbord of agencies before well & truly making her mark within one agency in particular, it felt like the right time to Rosie to take that experience & that knowledge & pour it into her own agency. Focussing primarily across the blue-collar construction market, this is her story.


Client Name: Rosie-mae O'Toole

Company Name: Construction Recruitment Specialists Ltd

Sector: Construction

Inception: 09 April 2020

Isotope Partnership: Traditional


As cliché as we know it sounds, there is never a “perfect time” to leave the (perceived) security of employment & make the leap into the realms of business ownership. Which means that, more often than not, if you stand in the wings waiting for the ideal time to present itself you’ll very rarely end up really making that leap.

Rosie is not one to wait in the wings.

& so, when the timing felt right for her to make the leap & launch her own agency, everything else just simply had to take a backseat. A global pandemic being one of those things that simply did not phase her.

One recruiter’s nightmare is another recruiters golden opportunity.

& this was the golden opportunity that Rosie felt she needed to effectively launch & develop her own agency from. She’d been thinking about the idea for years; the progress that she had enjoyed throughout the ranks within her previous employer had made her very aware of some of the practical mechanics that came with running a desk, division & ultimately a business.

Progression had always been important to her & it was one of the things that kept her with her previous employer for such a long time, she was constantly progressing, earning more as a result & having additional responsibilities thrusted upon her that armed her with an even deeper understanding of her market. But when that progression seemed to slow & the infamous glass ceiling started to become apparent to her, she started to look seriously into the idea of launching her own agency.

It was at that time we, the Isotope team, were lucky enough to first start talking to Rosie about the idea. It was very clear to understand why, professionally, Rosie felt ready to launch her own agency but as ever it was about understanding what she was personally hoping to achieve from launching her own agency; not only so that we were able to understand further what was pulling their exceptional recruiter towards the idea, but what effective recruitment startup support really looked like for her & her new agency to ensure it was giving her exactly what she (& her family) wanted.


We have been on such a journey with CRS since those first conversations back in March 2020 & while, of course, we have helped countless construction recruiters build their own agencies, each is unique in terms of what they look for from Isotope. Here are just some of the areas of support Isotope are lucky enough to work with CRS across:

  • Isotope day-to-day accounting support
  • Access to up-to-date financial information tailored for this business
  • Accounting facilities to account for CIS
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping support & taxation advice
  • VAT & CT returns, advice & management
  • From credit control & invoicing, to cash flow forecasts & growth budgeting
  • Access to funding & payroll provisions (both pre & post Gross Status)
  • Full HR & employment support & advice
  • Access to holistic business support around the growth of his business
  • Access to Isotopes legal & compliance support
  • Up-to-date & compliant Terms of Business
  • Holistic, real-time, personal legal support for any query
  • Isotope creative & marketing support
  • Logo design & website creation & on-going development
  • Access to sector specific marketing collateral
  • Sector specific job board access
  • Access to recruitment tech’
  • Membership to the IsoConnect platform (for like-minded ambitious recruitment entrepreneurs)

Construction Recruitment Specialists Ltd Visual Identity:

Logo design

Business cards


Compliments slip


Here are just some of the landmarks CRS have enjoyed since opening their doors.

An Isotope Commentary:

“You can’t ever talk with Rosie & not come off the phone smiling. Her personality is infectious, so too is her desire to build a business that works for her & her ever-growing little family. A lot has changed since those conversations back in the depths of March 2020 over dodgy wifi & this thing called “ZOOM” (something no one knew anything about back then). What’s been really interesting is to see how Rosie’s own relationship with her business has changed over the years; what she first thought “success” looked like for her & her business has changed over the years & we feel so lucky to be part of that ever-changing & ever-developing journey with her.”

Max - Our recruitment startup support team

Max Jones - Director Isotope Capital


As part of the on-going creative & marketing support provided to our clients, the creative team are on hand to ensure that both the visual & brand identity of our clients are constantly reflective of our client & their business. Check out just some of the more recent creative work, here:

Google Review:

It is really tricky because I could write a 3 page review on Isotope, however, to save your sanity I have condensed it:

1) They know everything, inside and out, any query you have to how you can afford to payroll your temps, to insurances, to legalities, databases, the list really is endless.
2) It is your business, you run it how you wish, but you have Isotope there to make sure your infrastructure is set up correctly. They essentially set your ‘desk’ up, legally, efficiently and hold your hand until your ready to run on your own.
3) Every negative reason to not set up a recruitment business on your own, is most definitely down to lack of knowledge. Every objection you have is because you aren’t aware of the solution. Isotope will set the business up, give you the tools you may or may not need and then stay in contact the entire time to make sure they are doing everything they can.
4) You are not alone – worried you can’t call your director and ask how to solve an invoice/client/ any issue? That’s fine, you can call Isotope and they will give a multitude of options for you to choose from.

The team are very personable and all round nice people. I would highly recommend and at the very least would urge people to have a chat to explore options!

Rosie-mae O'Toole - Construction Recruitment Specialists Ltd

Fun Fact:

Rosie does not do things by half measures. It’s just not in her personality. Why would you only “just” focus on running your own recruitment agency, when you can plan a wedding at the same time. We often talk about landmarks & these are just them – yes business ownership is important & something to be celebrated; but planning a wedding in the midst of COVID & running a profitable startup… that’s something only a few can do.

Next Steps:

So there are a few things you might feel like doing right now. You might feel like re-reading the above? Perhaps you can resonate with this particular recruiter, perhaps they’re working in a comparable market to you & you’d like to re-read both their history & some of the support that has been important to them since their inception. Alternatively you might feel like reading another case study from the collection? Perhaps you’re interested in hearing other stories, other insights into what pulls recruiters to start their own agencies & compare that with your own thoughts & feelings around the topic. Or perhaps you just feel ready to make that first step for yourself? You’ve read a few of these case studies now & can see parts of “you” in every journey, you’ve looked at their history, you’ve reviewed what they had to say about Isotope & you might have even taken a sneak peak of them on LinkedIn. Whatever you feel like doing, what’s stopping you clicking that yellow button & exploring the idea a little further? 👇

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