The Recruitment Startup Subject Podcast
Episode #11 with Lysha Holmes

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 11 of The Recruitment Startup Subject Podcast with your host, Max Jones. The recruitment startup podcast fixated on understanding what makes a recruiter start & thrive in their own agency. Specifically focussed on understanding what brings entrepreneurial recruitment consultants to the point of starting their own agency.

From what made them finally “make the leap” to the challenges they have faced & how they have overcome them. If you’re an aspiring recruitment business owner, which I am sure you are, why not learn from those that have done what you’re going to do? Trodden the path you’ll take & overcome the challenges you’ll face – real-life recruiters, all on their own unique recruitment startup journeys but all with hurdles overcome, advice to share & a story to tell.

In this week’s episode, we are joined by the experienced, personable & insightful Lysha Holmes – Founder & Recruitment startup extraordinaire at Qui Recruitment.

During the episode, we got an honest insight into what it means to enjoy longevity within your startup. Launching her agency in 2005, Qui has been through every economic & recruitment environment imaginable & Lyshas insight & honesty is clear within this episode. We touch upon every topic imaginable, from what initially drove her to start & launch her own agency to how she’s been able to sustainably grow her agency over the years. What the key pillars of her success are the hurdles she’s faced over the years; both what they were & how she managed to overcome them while pushing her business forward. We’re so pleased to share this episode with you:

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What next?

What a great question.

Look, if you’re interested in hearing more of The Recruitment Startup Subject – the stories, advice & guidance from entrepreneurial recruiters who have all launched, created & built successful recruitment agencies across a wide array of recruitment verticals & sectors, then don’t let this be the end of your journey.

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& if perhaps the conversations you’ve heard something in this episode that has stirred up some entrepreneurial thoughts deep within you, perhaps you’ve been thinking about the idea of starting your own recruitment agency for a while & hearing more from Lysha today has encouraged you to explore the idea further – why not pick up the phone & talk to talk to one of the Isotope team, today.

After all, what’s the harm in having a chat

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