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OxCare Recruitment was founded by Donna Cook at the start of 2021. After 10+ years working across the healthcare market (following a number of years working “in industry”), it gradually had become the right time for her to make the leap & start her own agency. Focussing primarily across the health & social care market on a permanent basis, this is her story.

Client Name: Donna Cook

Company Name: OxCare Recruitment

Sector: Healthcare

Inception: 09 March 2021

Isotope Partnership: Equity


There are certain recruitment markets where an innate understanding & passion for the sector, puts you head & shoulders above the rest. The health & social care market is one of those.

Which is why when talking with exceptionally talented recruiters within the space, the ones that really have that innate drive to start, build & develop their own agencies are those that have that passion in the forefront of everything that they do.

Donna was exactly that. Having strong personal ties to the social care market, family deeply involved in the industry & with herself too having worked both in the industry prior to making the jump across to the agency side of things, it was no surprise that after 10 years in the market it felt like the right time for her to start her own agency & put her own stamp on how things ought to be done.

Her conversations with Isotope started at the turn of 2021. Initially starting as a few tentative conversations around the practical steps that would be required to launch & run your own agency in a market with such rigid & far-reaching compliance processes & procedures, to slightly more serious conversations as the weeks progressed. Many an evening was spent with members of the Isotope team exploring every facet of the support that would be required to make this business a success, from the right compliance documentation, to the right tech’ & back office procedures to how best to overcome the personal cash flow hurdles that we all face.

It was no surprise that from that first initial conversation at the start of 2021, the foundation of (what would become) OxCare Recruitment were being laid just months after. Sometimes it’s like that; sometimes things can move really quickly & what started out as a fleeting thought can soon become a very real reality.


The healthcare market, both on & off NHS frameworks requires a diligent & complaint eye, a focus on detail & a streamlined back office function that allows even the newest recruitment startups to compete. With that in mind, here are just some of the areas of support Isotope are lucky enough to work with OxCare Recruitment across:

  • Guaranteed Salary for the first 6 months (provided by Isotope)
  • Enhanced Shareholder Support functions
  • Isotope day-to-day accounting support
  • Access to up-to-date financial information tailored for this business
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping support & taxation advice
  • VAT & CT returns, advice & management
  • From credit control & invoicing, to cash flow forecasts & growth budgeting
  • Access to funding & payroll provisions (for LTD Contractors)
  • Full HR & employment support & advice
  • Holistic, real-time, personal legal support for any query
  • Access to holistic business support around the growth of his business
  • Access to Isotopes legal & compliance support
  • Up-to-date & compliant Terms of Business
  • Isotope creative & marketing support
  • Logo design & website creation & on-going development
  • Access to sector specific marketing collateral
  • Sector specific job board access
  • Access to recruitment tech’
  • Membership to the IsoConnect platform (for like-minded ambitious recruitment entrepreneurs)

OxCare Recruitment Visual Identity:

Logo design

Business cards


Compliment slip

Email signature

Social banners

Homepage design

Logo animation


Here are just some of the landmarks OxCare have enjoyed since opening their doors.

An Isotope Commentary:

“It’s been really great fun working within Donna & her agency since the start of 2021; the health & social care market has been one that, over the years, has produced some really fantastic startup agencies. But that’s not to say it isn’t tough. It is. & at times, it’s really tough. Which means that to be successful in this market, your motivation for success needs to transcend your professional desire to succeed; it needs to be personal. For Donna, it’s just that. A personal journey we’re very lucky to be a part of.”

Max - Our recruitment startup support team

Max Jones - Director - Isotope Capital


As part of the on-going creative & marketing support provided to our clients, the creative team are on hand to ensure that both the visual & brand identity of our clients are constantly reflective of our client & their business. Check out just some of the more recent creative work, here:

Google Review:

I have been lucky enough to work with the team at Isotope over the past few months, to set-up my own recruitment agency. Everyone at Isotope has been helpful, friendly and professional. They are an excellent team of people who are always there when needed.

From the moment I spoke to Max I knew Isotope was the best company to help me set-up on my own, because he understood and shared my vision from that first phone call, talking to Laura solidified that they were the right company to help me.

From the moment the launch began I got to meet the rest of the company, from creative genius’ to accounting wizards, every single one of the team are incredible, and make sure you are fully involved in the launch process, and that they capture your vision for the company.

Once launch is complete you have a full team to lean on when needed, who will always be there to help, no matter how big or small the issue.

If you are a strong recruiter, wanting to launch a business, but aren’t sure exactly what you need to do, or are worried about the lack of “back office support”, contact Max today! You won’t regret it.

Donna Cook - OxCare Recruitment

Fun Fact:

Work for yourself? You mean you sit at home, answer a few emails, take a few amazon parcels for the neighbours & do didly squat?… Pfft, not for Donna. The closest she is to Didly Squat is the farm shop made (in)famous by Jeremey Clarkson. When she’s not working in OxCare, you’ll find Donna & her dog, Teddy, walking the Cotswolds fields.

Next Steps:

So there are a few things you might feel like doing right now. You might feel like re-reading the above? Perhaps you can resonate with this particular recruiter, perhaps they’re working in a comparable market to you & you’d like to re-read both their history & some of the support that has been important to them since their inception. Alternatively you might feel like reading another case study from the collection? Perhaps you’re interested in hearing other stories, other insights into what pulls recruiters to start their own agencies & compare that with your own thoughts & feelings around the topic. Or perhaps you just feel ready to make that first step for yourself? You’ve read a few of these case studies now & can see parts of “you” in every journey, you’ve looked at their history, you’ve reviewed what they had to say about Isotope & you might have even taken a sneak peak of them on LinkedIn. Whatever you feel like doing, what’s stopping you clicking that yellow button & exploring the idea a little further? 👇

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