Recruitment Startup Support – What does it all mean? 🤷‍♀️

If you’re reading this, it’ll mean some part of you has thought about the idea of starting your own recruitment agency.

Whether that’s a fleeting thought or as consistent as Mr. Harland seems to be for Manchester City this season; your mind would have wandered into the realms of recruitment business ownership.

Which is great. It means you’re well & truly in the right place.

& look we get it.

Perhaps you’re sick of lining someone else’s pockets with your hard-earned cash? Maybe you’ve reached the end of your tether with a long (& perhaps unnecessary?) commute, even longer hours & as about as much flexibility as a steel rod? Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for the next challenge and a genuine opportunity to build a lasting legacy?

Whatever your motivation, Isotope can help make your dreams a reality with our effective & comprehensive recruitment startup launch & support service.

What are Isotope all about? 🔥

Simply put, Isotope seek out exceptionally experienced recruiters who are looking to start their own recruitment agencies and offer a free recruitment startup business launch, followed by outstanding personal, practical & pragmatic support in four key business areas: Legal, Business & Compliance; Accounting & Finance; Creative, Marketing & Technical; & finally, Recruitment Tool Allocation.

All of this in exchange for a percentage of what your new startup agency bills over the initial 4 years that we would work together – never more than 30% of invoice value or GP, this Success Charge model descends every year, year on year, with no upfront fees, no weird & wonderful lock-in loans & not fixed monthly payments.

Just one collaborative partnership based solely on shared success.

Which you can learn more about 👉 here.

Who can work with Isotope? 🤓

Ambitious, tenacious, personable recruiters, of course!

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with such array of recruitment professionals spanning various sectors, verticals & market focusses. However, we always measure the suitability of our fantastic clients against the same tried, tested & respected metrics:

  • Can you do it?
  • Do we really believe you want to do it?
  • Do we understand the support that will be important to you?
  • Are we really going to get along?

Can you do it?

The reality is if you’ve been working within a 360 recruitment environment for at least 4+ years, feel confident on everything from candidate management to business development & can show a reliable & consistent billing history within your given market, then the answer will no doubt be yes, it’s likely you can do it!

Do we really believe you want to do it?

We’re venturing into the slightly more elusive elements here, where the lovely folks at Isotope try to understand your motivation for you to start your own recruitment business.  As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going – we need to know that you have the grit and determination to make your recruitment business setup a success, even when you are riding that rollercoaster of challenges and it feels like you might never hit the crest.

Do we understand the support that will be important to you?

This is where Isotope need to ask the right questions, at the right time & in the right way. Since the Isotope model is not & never will be an off-the-shelf solution (driven simply by what “we do” rather than what you need) but rather a bespoke model built around the needs & requirements of each recruitment business we’re fortunate enough to support, to ensure we add the value our clients demand & expect from us – we’ve got to understand the support that will be important to you & your business. For us, it’s really that simple.

Are we really going to get along?

Yes, it might sound daft, but this is probably the most important of the four criteria.  This is a life-changing decision for you and we want you to like us; be able to chat to us nearly every day; trust us to give you honest and professional advice; and be positive about working with us for the next four years on this exciting journey.

Which you can learn more about 👉 here.

Recruitment startup support: Launch pad setup 🚀

Once we’ve agreed to work together, we’ll arrange a date for you & Isotope to kick-start the setup of your recruitment business.  This is a really exciting day for both us and you, and a chance to finally commence work on the ideas & conversations we would have been having for months (if not years) prior to “the big day”.

From there, we project manage the recruitment business setup to ensure it is as smooth and painless as possible for you. Since it’s a journey we’ve been on so many times over the years, we remain confident that your new recruitment business could be set up in as little as 4 weeks.

Check out more about this very topic with our downloadable 👉  Recruitment Startup Checklist  👈

Recruitment startup support: What happens next? 🤔

Once we’ve successfully completed the launch of your new business, we continue to provide support across the key functions including; Legal, Business & Compliance; Accounting & Finance; Creative, Marketing & Technical; Recruitment Tool Allocation.

Alongside the process-driven elements of your support, will be the people caring, supporting & available for you & your business every step of the way.

What will it cost me? 😱

All of this in exchange for a small percentage of what you bill – no more than 30% and decreasing year on year throughout the term of our agreement.  The launch of the business will cost you absolutely nothing – there are no upfront costs, no fixed monthly fees and no weird & convoluted loans required!

Simply put, we take the risk by investing our time, our resource & our money into the setup of your recruitment business.  Of course, we hope that we’ll see a return on our investment by working with you to ensure your business is a success.  You only pay Isotope when your business is billing and only when you get paid by your end client.

No catches, no tricky small print, just an open and honest service with a clear and transparent Success Charge.

Come on… can’t say fairer than that, hey?!

Anyways, we’re ready to talk. So what next?

Why not take a look over our website, check out our videos, look us up on socials & generally get to know us.

Then, when you’re ready, call us on 01442 773 279for a confidential discussion on how we can turn your recruitment start up dreams into a very real & profitable reality 📈

But before you do that, here are some FAQs that might help you in your journey to recruitment startup success:

🚀 What experience do I need to set up my own recruitment business?

Ideally, you will need at least 3-4 years’ experience within a 360-degree consultant role in an agency environment – this will demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of the whole recruitment cycle, as you will need to be able to tackle all elements in your own recruitment business.

🤔 OK & are there any other criteria?

Honestly? Look, if you’ve got the experience, all we really need to know is: Have you got the drive, determination and motivation to succeed? Do we understand the tools & support required to helop you? & finally, can we all work together?

👀 Where do I start?

Have a look at other elements of our website, take a look through some of our videos, listen to episodes of our Podcast, take a look through things on socials, take a look at what others are saying about Isotope & then  – call us.

⏱ How long will the launch of my new recruitment business take?

This depends on you and how quickly you want to move, but generally between 4 and 8 weeks from your Launch Day with Isotope would be a reasonable estimate.

📈 What support will Isotope provide to me & my recruitment business?

Look, we’re not idiots. We know where your skillset lies & we know where ours do too! We want you to focus on what you do best – recruiting! So, we will always commit to providing you support in every other aspect of your business. Traditionally calling into 4 key areas:

Legal, Compliance & HR – we consider all of the things you might not, to ensure your business is fully compliant. But not just “today”, as you progress through your startup journey.

Creative, Marketing & technical – from designing your logs, through the provision of stationery to building a bespoke website, our creative geniuses are on hand to make your business not only look & feel the way you envision but also “work” for you too!

Recruitment tool allocation – including the key provision of job board access & candidate sourcing tools, as well as a raft of other services, we ensure that your new business have access to the resources it needs to trade successfully.

Accounts and Financial – from day to day accounting support, to ensuring the right funding solutions are in place if required (perhaps you’re hoping to run temps’ from day 1?) & being your accounting partners. After all, the best accounting support is proactive not simply reactive.

Business – every business is different and so we respond to your specific business needs. PSL tendering, client dispute resolution, expansion, business mentoring…..the list is endless. Or it might be simply a shoulder to cry or someone to share those champagne moments!

💸 What does all of this cost me?

Isotope will launch your new recruitment business absolutely free of charge – no fixed costs, no upfront fees, no weird and wonderful loan agreements.

We then provide comprehensive ongoing support in exchange for a percentage of what you bill – never more than 30% & always, always annually descending.

👌 When do I pay you?

We operate a shared success model. Which means you would only ever pay Isotope when you bill and only when you receive cleared funds against an invoice. No cash flow issues, just a simple and effective ‘pay us when you get paid’ provision.

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