Step aside Top of the Pops, the Recruitment start-up battle for this years Christmas Number 1 is here. 

Christmas is a time for giving, it’s a time for family & it’s a time for reflection.

It’s a time where people should be coming together (at a safe social distance of course) not drifting apart; a time where people should be celebrating with friends, family & the distant twice removed cousin that you always find yourself trapped with at the end of the table at Christmas Dinner with.

A classic Christmas.

But a classic Christmas would not be complete without the infamous battle for Christmas Number 1. Where the titans of the year go head to head for the coveted Number 1 spot. Of course here at Isotope we couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity but naturally, with our own unique Isotope twist. So, step aside Whitney Huston, not today Mr Blobby & no, you can’t fix this one Bob the Builder!…

It’s time for the first Recruitment Start-up Logo battle for Number 1!…

The rules are simple. Below you will see a selection of 12 logos that we have already shortlisted from our current client base to be judged by you, the recruitment world.

You will see they are all numbered from 1 to 12; what we need you to do is rank them for us from most festive to looking like it was developed by the creative half cousin of Scrooge himself. So if number 2 is your most festive, your list would start with number 2 & end with your least favourite.

Once you’ve made your list, we need you to submit them to the Recruitment Elves here (you can find them on our Livechat function) or simply email the team at for counting. The results will be released on the 21st December so there’s no time like the present! (get it?)

So, which one has your vote?

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